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Washing your hair less than often is best. If you have dry hair, I recommend washing it once week but if you have slightly oily hair please wash it twice a week. You don't want too much oil and sleek on your hair so there's no bead slippage. Brush your hair free of all tangles before jumping in the shower. If you have more than 1 row, clip up the top row(s) to get in between the rows and the nape area. Double cleanse, the first shampoo will cleanse the oil and products and the second shampoo will cleanse the scalp. Make sure to rinse out the first shampoo before applying the second and apply conditioner from midsection to ends only, avoid conditioner on scalp. If you use a lot of dry shampoo, I highly recommend using a clarifying shampoo every once in a while to help remove product buildup and minerals. Have a wide tooth comb or wet brush in the shower to gently comb through the extensions while you let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. Always squeeze out the excess water, do not rub the hair together. Wrap the hair in a hair turban to soak up excess water.

Only use products recommended by stylist. All products need to be hydrating only as reparative products contain protein and protein on extensions will cause dryness resulting in shedding and thinning. 

Recommended Products: Unite 7 Seconds Shampoo/Conditioner, Weekender Clarifying Shampoo, Unite 7 Seconds Masque, Milbon Smooth Shampoo/Conditioner, Wide Tooth Comb or Wet Brush


Apply a leave-in conditioner and gently brush the extensions. Avoid the spine (base) of the extensions and be cautious not to snag at the very top or it will damage them and cause the weft to unravel resulting in excess shedding. Use your finger to cover the spine so you can get close to the top to prevent matting. Air drying is okay but make sure the top is always dry so hit it with a blowdryer. Rough dry the hair about 90% dry and gently comb through then use a round brush or flat brush with a blowdryer to help smooth it out. Always use a heat protectant before applying any hot tools. The extension hair holds a style really well, avoid using a flat iron or curling iron too often. When doing a top knot, flip your head upside down so the wefts flip up, sitting flat on the head. Be careful when doing a low or mid ponytail, you can pull the front beads back too tight and it can cause your natural hair to be pulled out.

Recommended Products: Unite 7 Seconds Detangler, Unite U Oil (brunettes), Unite Blonda Oil (blondes), Unite Texturiza, Unite U Dry Shampoo, K18 leave in mask, Milbon Renew Primer, Milbon Luminous Softening Oil, IGK Good Behavior, Milbon Dry Texture Spray, Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron 1" or 1.25", Wet Brush, Olivia Garden Ceramic Round Brush, Dyson Blowdryer or another good quality blowdryer

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Always tie your hair back in a low pony/bun, braids or pigtails for bedtime. NEVER sleep with wet hair, make sure to dry it completely before bed. Silk pillow case is highly recommended as it will not soak up all the oils from the hair and cause less tangling and it's great for your skin as well.

Recommended Products: Ouchless or Silk Hair Ties, Silk Pillowcase


Brush your hair multiple times a day to avoid tangling and be very gentle, hold the top of the extensions to prevent tugging too hard. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Use your finger over the spine (base) of the extensions as a guide to not brush over it and snag the hair. When brushing the top row be careful not to snag the spine of the bottom row.

Recommended Products: Wet Brush


do not.

+ Do not sleep on wet hair.

+ Do not use high heat settings on hot tools, use low to medium.

+ Do not over use hot tools.

+ Avoid lakes and rivers as the water can cause discoloration.

+ Blondes; only use mineral sunscreen, the ingredient avobenzone or any benzone in other sunscreens will cause discoloration. 

+ Do not jump in pools/ocean with hair down - wet hair first then coat with conditioner and pull it back in a tight braid. Wash hair as soon as you can. 

+ Do not leave hair damp around the top of the extensions as it can cause matting and molding. Hit it with a blowdryer when it's almost dry from air-drying.

+ Do not use products not recommended by stylist.

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